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sexta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2012

Inside the market of Cracow

Markets are landscapes that are part of any town in the world. Visiting them is an important task for anyone that wishes to know the meanders of the city. Many markets belong to the imaginary landscapes of my  personal biography: The market of  São Sebastião and the Central market in Fortaleza, Brazil,  the market of  Vandoma and  Bolhão in O Porto in Portugal, and the secondhand  market of Rotterdam on sundays.

This week-end I visited the traditional sunday market in Cracow  and they are, with no doubts,  meeting point of the locals to negotiate all types of possible products. We should not forget that  exchanges that takes place in the market  can be as material as symbolic, also that markets remounts preterit times of the human existence. In the popular market everything can be negotiated. Objects are exposed in the sidewalk of the streets. And in this exposition one combine many different objects, some of antagonistic meaning Forming micro uncommon landscapes. The symbolic meaning of the exchanges, and the strange junction of the objects  called my attention in a cold day of sunday. 

In Kazimierz, Jewish district of the town of Cracow, happens  the most antique markets of the town. Kazimierz district is one of the  most important turist points of the town. In the district one can see part of the Jewish memory of Cracow.

  1.  Weapons and history 


2.  Political ideology and religion 

3. Beauty and esthetics of the street

4. Tea for the souls

Ricardo Nascimento

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